Tell the Brazilian Government to Ban Live Animal Export

Dear Senator,

I respectfully request that you support Senate bill 357/2018. This bill aims to ban the export of live animals from Brazil for slaughter.

I just watched disturbing video footage showing animals being slaughtered in the Middle East. Workers stab cows and slash their legs with knives, painfully crane them by their legs from inside a live export ship, and cut open their throats while the animals are able to feel pain.

The Brazilian government can’t allow animals born and raised in Brazil to be crammed into ships for weeks and slaughtered in faraway countries where there is no legal protection.

As a member of Congress, Your Excellency has the constitutional power and responsibility to safeguard animals from this unacceptable suffering. Listen to the people and please support the ban on the export of live animals for slaughter.

The Harrowing Journey

In addition to the stress of the unfamiliar environment, noise, and constant motion of the ship, animals are forced to suffer weeks of crowded conditions, lying in their own excrement.

When they arrive at the ports, sick and injured animals are painfully craned by their legs from inside the ships.

Every year hundreds of thousands of animals are crammed into live export ships and transported for many miles from farms to slaughterhouses in faraway countries.

Agony in the destination

In slaughterhouses in the Middle East, animals are slashed in the legs with knives, gashed at the throat, and left to bleed to death, all while conscious and able to feel pain.

Live export causes tremendous suffering, and it needs to end now.

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